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FILTRA’s Airless mist generation System with use of FILSPRAY-51 is inexpensive from capital investment point of view and very simple to install and operate. It consists of a Solution Preparation Tank, Chemical Pumps and the Solution Piping upto Dust Generating Points. Indigenously developed special Fogger Nozzles for generation of Mist of FILSPRAY-51 solution are supplied as per the requirement of Dust Suppression.


  1. Dump Hopper
  2. Wagon Tippler
  3. Truck Tippler
  4. Stockpiles
  5. Conveyor Belt
  6. Crushing / Screening
  7. Bunkering


  1. Highly effective in long falls, Dump hoppers, wagon tipplers and bunkering operations etc.
  2. Self atomizing does not require air atomizing.
  3. Completely automatic in nature and does not require any extra attention.
  4. Recommended for long haulage of coal and other raw material s due to lasting effect of  binding properties of chemical used.
  5. Trouble free operation and very low maintenance requirement.
  6. Uninterrupted supply of Dust Suppression Chemicals FILSPRAY-51 available from Filtra.