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Claus & Auxiliary Claus catalysts for effective recovery of S, from refinery gases containing H2S,COS and CS2 such as outlet from Hydro- Desulphurization unit.

Available in a series package to achieve high S removal efficiency.


  • FC-71
  • FC-71T
  • FC-7185 /FC-7190
  • FC-71(OS)
  • FC-91
  • FC-BS-101
  • FCTG-0310


FC-71 is an Alumina Claus catalyst with specially designed pore size distribution with high surface area to provide maximum conversion of H2S & SO2 to elemental Sulfur.

Areas of Application

FC-71 Claus catalyst is generally loaded in 1st reactor or in 1st and 2nd reactor chain for high conversion of H2S & SO2 to elemental sulfur.


FC-71T is a special grade of sulfation resistant promoted alumina Catalyst. It also provides efficient conversion of COS & CS2 by hydrolysis to H2S.This Catalyst is typically loaded downstream of FC-71, in 1st reactor or top of 2nd reactor.

Areas of Application

FC-71T Claus catalyst is promoted Alumina Claus Catalyst. Specially suited for hydrolysis of COS/CO2, high conversion to sulfur & high sulfation resistance.

FC-7185 / FC-7190

FC-7185 & FC-7190 are high Titania unique grades of Claus Catalysts.

Areas of Application

This high content of Titania provides high conversion of H2S & SO2 to elemental Sulfur, complete Hydrolysis of COS & CS2 to H2S, very high sulfation resistance and very good resistance to hydrothermal aging in high temperature upsets.


FC-71(OS) is a special grade of oxygen scavenger Claus Catalyst.

Areas of Application

FC-71(OS) used as a oxygen scavenger in Claus reactor, to avoid sulfation and hence deactivation of downstream Alumina catalyst.


FC-91 Claus Catalyst is a high pore volume Alumina.

Areas of Application

FC-91 Catalyst used in Sulfur sub-dew point Claus tail gas treatment process.


FC-BS-101 is a high Alumina active bed support.

Areas of Application

FC-BS-101 is used as an active bed support for Claus Catalysts in Claus Reactors.


FCTG-0310 catalyst is Alumina Extrusions impregnated with Cobalt Oxide and Molybdenum oxide in proprietary composition.

Areas of Application

Claus tail gas treatment to hydrolysis of COS and Hydrogenation of SOx to H2S.