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Dust suppression in stockpile is carried out by use of FILSET-P-151 as a water solution. This solution is sprayed on the stock piles through sprinklers mounted all along. Automatic operation at specific intervals is also offered as an option.

During stock piling the material can be treated for better effectiveness. Such treatment can be carried out by using standard sprayer nozzles at the conveyor transfer points or discharge points to the stock piles. System is most suitable where the stock piles or the mounds are to be maintained for longer duration. It is observed that such treated stock piles remain dust free even in gusty winds for a period of upto 4 weeks.


  1. Reduced dust emission due to effective sealing of the top surface of the stock piles.
  2. Requirement of water for dust suppression is cut down considerably.
  3. Possible to treat materials during stock piling.
  4. No erosion of stock piles and carries over of materials to nearby water streams due to heavy water spraying.
  5. Uninterrupted supply of Dust Suppression Chemicals FILSET-P-151available from Filtra.


    1. Raw material stock piles.
    2. Fly ash disposal areas (Mounds).
    3. Sinter and Coke fines and other fines disposal areas.