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Filtra offers Engineering Systems based on its own technology in the area of Gas Purification system, Dust Suppression System for Pollution Control and Candle Filters for Gas Filtration. Filtra offers these systems on complete Turnkey basis with its design engineering backup.

The areas covered are:

  1. Gas Purification system
  2. Dust Suppression System
  3. Candle Filters for Gas Filtration

1) Gas Purification system:

Filtra offers Turnkey solution for Gas purification based on its own range of catalysts & adsorbents. Filtra has executed a large order for complete design engineering of five numbers of Desulphurization modules for Customer in Iran.

Filtra also offers Gas Purification in the area of Chloride removal, DeOxo & DeNox systems.

2) Dust Suppression System:

Filtra offers Dust Suppression System for control of fugitive dust emission from the material handling system in:

  • Power Plant
  • Steel Plant
  • Cement Plant
  • Mining operation
  • Stock Piles

Installation of Filtra’s Dust Suppression System results in:

  • Control of Fugitive Dust emission
  • Protection of operating personal from Dust
  • Safety of the plant equipment from ingress of airborne dust particles
  • Enable to meet the statutory requirement of pollution norms
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High reliability of the system
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Minimum water and power consumption

Dust Suppression Systems offered by Filtra:

3) Candle Filters for Gas Filtration

Filtra offers TECC-PGF range of Candle Filters for filtration of gases to remove Dust particles 99% upto submicron level. TECC-PGF range of Candle Filters is also suitable for filtration of gases upto temperature range of ambient 400°C. TECC candles are suitable for a wide range of application such as filtration of gases like H2, N2, Cl2, CO2, Air etc. and aqueous & non-aqueous liquids and solutions at almost all operating temperatures and pressures. One of the important application is filtration of Air Ammonia mixture upstream of Platinum gauge catalyst in Nitric Acid Plant.