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FILTRA’s Specialty Chemicals Division has wide range of Specialty Chemicals for the Fertilizer and Petroleum industry. Strong technology base has enabled Filtra to come up with effective formulations which have been constantly upgraded to meet the latest Industry Standards and requirements. These products are developed as a result of extensive Research carried out by its R&D Centre in Mumbai and have been effectively commercialized and offer techno-economic advantages to the industry. The manufacturing facilities for the Specialty chemicals are located at Dombivli and Daman, near Mumbai.

FILTRA is catering eagerly to the requirements of the Asian Markets besides other Global Customers. FILTRA offers following products:

1. Fertilizer Additives
2. Refinery Additives


Since 1983 FILTRA has been working closely with Fertilizer Companies to develop a range of fertilizer additives aimed at improving performance, properties and productivity of various processes involved in fertilizer manufacturing.

FILTRA’s range of additives includes:

Thus over the years FILTRA has developed a level of expertise and understanding in providing efficient solutions and improvements to companies in the Fertilizer industry, especially for Urea and Urea/DAP based NPK complex fertilizer manufacturers.


FILTRA has developed Refinery Additives based on the research carried out in their R&D Centre in India and currently supplying their products in the Asian Market. These additives are evaluated in their laboratories and at par in performance with the best additives available in the International Market.

FILTRA’s range of additives includes: