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At Filtra, our business is Chemistry, focused on specialized chemicals and technologies. Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals Limited, was formed in the year 2000. Our history, which includes operations through proprietary concerns, reflects more than 25 years of growth and innovation.

Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited - Mumbai based global leader in specialty chemicals acquired Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd on 1st January 2016.

We build the chemistry that makes other end-products safer, cleaner, greener and more efficient, in the industrial, power and energy, electrical, agrochemicals and healthcare.

At Filtra, our thrust is to excel in everything that we do and our mission is to constantly improve to provide superior and sustainable performance: for our investors who look for innovation and sustained growth in results; for our employees who look for growth and learning; for our customers who look for exceptional value.

The Filtra Story

Filtra, with sales of $11 million, is a specialty company with emerging positions in the world markets in its product range. Filtra has approximately 200 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities operating out of different locations in India. Our products are used in the Electrical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical & Refinery, Steel and such other core industries of the economy. Filtra is strongly committed to employee and public health & safety and security of our facilities and our environment.

Our Responsibilities

Caring for the future –At Filtra, we understand the values of caring for the future i.e., our responsibilities towards the customers, the employees, the shareholders, the community, the environment and the world.

We take pride in being part of an industry that forms the building blocks of our everyday life. Chemistry includes basic substances and products that are a part of our daily life. As part of this larger picture, we are committed to adding value to our customer’s products with emphasis on environmentally sound methods.

Our core values of Good Business ethics help our employees work with a clear common objective, which gives them a happy work environment. We believe that living out our core values help us in the upkeep of our all-round responsibilities at all times. "